The rural life of the people in Albania is mainly characterized by small-scale agriculture. During the communist period, a process of urbanisation and industrialisation was accelerated, which is why there were large migrations into the cities. Nevertheless, after 1990 many Albanians emigrated to neighbouring EU countries in the hope of a better life. Even today many of them still earn their living abroad as seasonal workers and nursing staff. Although Albania's flora and fauna are one of the richest in Europe, a sharp decline in biodiversity has been observed in recent decades. The country has to struggle with severe environmental pollution and an inadequate waste disposal system.


SHELDI • Football- and Sportfield

Albania was completely isolated for a long time during the rule of the dictator and was the only officially atheistic country in the world. During this time education and culture declined. This has serious consequences until today 2020. Young people in rural areas in particular find no connection to their homeland. Many are poorly educated and see the only possibility for a better life is to go abroad.





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