SHARE GLOBAL is the international Salvatorian Sisters Solidarity Office. It accompanies sisters and other lay people to initiate, to coordinate and to manage projects in various developing countries.

SHARE GLOBAL promotes an equitable and sustainable society through education, healthcare, pastoral work and community capacity building.

SHARE GLOBAL engages in long and short-term activities to help people to acquire the knowledge and skills to become agents of change for themselves, their community and society.


SHARE GLOBAL cooperates closely with other Salvatorian fundraising and development initiatives in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the USA. The global network of the Congregation sustains many initiatives, programs and institutions. This network is connected with the respective local church and local partners. Individual donors, groups and international partner organizations promote the network in order to continue existing projects and to welcome new challenges.

With clear and efficient ways of communication and direct cooperation the Sisters and collaborators on site are developing and implementing highly qualitative projects. They do it in a reliable, transparent and sustainable way.  In order to stabilize and extend its mission into the future, increased fundraising and ever more professional project management skills and funds are needed.

  So we do:
Increase grant readiness at the local level.
Recruit and train more members of the Society for project and development work.
Support for conceiving and developing programs and projects as well as the monitoring of the application procedure.
Mediation between the project partners, with their desires, objectives and expectations.
Accompaniment of the content when implementing and evaluating the projects, including their results, especially concerning effectiveness and sustainability.
Strengthening of public relations work and promotion of the actions and presence of the Salvatorian Sisters worldwide.
Building of solid and sound relations with relief organizations, private donors and founders.
Create equal access to funding opportunities on local and international level.

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