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During the rule of the dictator Albania was completely isolated and officially was the most atheistic country in the world. During this time education and culture declined which has serious consequences until today 2020. Young people especially in rural areas find no connection with their homeland. They are poorly educated and see the only possibility for a better life is to go abroad.

In two villages in northern Albania, the Salvatorian Sisters have built a kindergarten and a primary and secondary school for a total of around 130 children and young people. The level of education there is significantly higher than in the state schools. Many girls and boys from the poorest families attend the kindergarten in particular, they would hardly have had any chance of being accepted at comparable good institutions.

For the children and young people, there is also a folklore dance group and a sports program. The gaining of knowledge, values and almost forgotten traditions ensures that the young people feel a bond with Albania and want to use their good education to benefit their homeland.

In Sheldi the institution is also a popular meeting place for the children and young people. They come for catechesis and rosary prayers, but also to play ball in the yard. There are some few opportunities to spend their free time in the remote village. However, the actual field is built on a slope, which is why the sisters want to set up a football field on another part of their property.

This area is currently heavily overgrown, and a wall has already been damaged. Next door is the tobacco field of a neighbour who is not very fond of the sisters and their children. Besides the necessary groundwork, a high fence with a net spanning the field is also needed to prevent balls from flying onto the tobacco field.

In addition, a basketball court is to be built with space for some playground equipment, swings, sandboxes etc. for smaller children.

The target group are all children and young people in the surrounding area of the Salvatorian Sisters' institution. Totally there are 130 children going to the Sisters' school plus other children from the villages nearby spending their free time at the Sisters' place, and where they can also use the new football/sport field, too.

15.000 euros are the costs for this Project.


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