Hostel for Girls – Equipment for two classrooms


The Salvatorian Sisters' child care and youth development projects are settled in south Tanzania in the area of Masasi.
The project will be implemented on the compound of Salvatorian Sisters. Here we have a kindergarden, a Hostel for girls, a stationary and a hall where groups can meet for seminars, reflections, formation courses and others. In Masasi, the little administration of the region is also located. We’ll have different activities in the fields of education, social and pastoral work established at Masasi.

We started this new initiative because of the increasing number of young girls in need of a qualified formation.At the moment there are 10 girls permanently living in our Hostel. At least we can provide 6 rooms with 4 beds each. Most go to the secondary school nearby, where they get a formation up to Form. IV. The number of girls was higher before, but the needs or desires changed.

More and more girls are asking for Computer classes. We have one class with 25 students – one part of the group is getting normal lesson; another is working with the computer. After two hours, they change. Most girls coming for a 6-month computer course will not stay in our Hostel. They go home every day.

Some girls are HIV orphans, because HIV is still a big problem in our region and country. These girls have priority in our Hostel, like girls from far away.

With 4.300 euro, a part of the total amount can be paid and 30 more girls can be taught in the new classrooms.



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