Salvatorian Women Building Bridges of Mercy and Justice

Mandaitivu people have been deeply affected by the 30 years of ethnic war in Sri Lanka. They were brutally and inhumanely treated by Sri Lankan security forces as well as from LTTE (Liberation Tiger Tamil Eelam). Thus, there is an understandable human struggle of deep-seated anger and hatred in them for Army, Navy and on the whole towards the Sinhala population.

Salvatorian Sisters have founded a community of Sisters in this island to build bridges of mercy and justice. Our hope is that with our presence among them, we will be able to alleviate pain and generate hopefulness into their unprotected lives. We also wish to build friendship among the different races beginning with Tamil and Sinhalese in our country by eventually mingling Tamil and Sinhalese together.

Salvatorian Sisters will form women’s groups with confidence-building measures. For example – Mandaitivu and Boscopura women will gather together sharing their experiences and acting together in a Drama, possibly they will be joined by Salvatorian Novices and Candidates. Singing program (led by Salvatorian Sisters) and Open Fair for the sale of women's products.

All women at Mandaitivu parish and all others who wish to participate and thus enabling the whole region to profit.


The cost will be 4.500 euros for one year.



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