Improve living conditions of poor families, especially children,
elderly or handicapped people, living in rural areas.


In the district Mannar/Vavunia, there are many huts and temporary shelters. Due to the war, the people were not able to carry out everyday tasks, they could hardly do any work, for example farming. For many years it was not possible for them to live in real houses or to imagine a time without war. They lacked hope for  better life in the future.

Many Children have lost one or both parents, some have been victims of psychological and physical violence and others have serious psychological injuries. Life is very difficult for people in many areas of this country. For example the tea pickers in the poor villages surrounding of Ampitya and Kandy in the highlands and for families in the Mabole region near the capital Colombo.

Most families are relatively large with average of four children and rather poor. Some mothers have travelled abroad to earn money towards building a house or education of. Some mothers could not return home, now the grandparents look after the children. Many fathers are alcoholics and others are drug addicts.

Those who have work are poorly paid and unable to make ends meet. In order to give these poor families a perspective future, an initiative has been launched to support them in building their own homes. Occasionally someone in the family owns a small piece of land, which is an advantage. We wish to support 25 families, including families with many children, elderly or disabled people.

For the families  able to contribute something by themselves, a single house, without work, plaster, water and electricity, costs 3.200 euros.

A house with water and electricity costs about 3.800 euros.

A house with water (including toilets), electricity, windows and doors amounts up to 4.500 euros.

This is a long-term program that requires funding
over a period of years.


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