Poland is an aspiring country in all its aspects. The economy as well as the cultural and social life
had and have an influence on Europe and vice versa. As in many other countries, economic growth
and the employment rate are unequally distributed. In rural districts, where people are often working in agriculture, unemployment is relatively high compared to urban areas. Many Polish people still work abroad, but this is not only an unskilled labour force. Many Polish people still work abroad, specialised workers are attracted  by opportunities and higher wages in other European countries. The country is as rich in culture as it is in religious customs, which are lived and celebrated mainly by the rural population.



Help for Ukraine refugees


The sisters in Poland have been feeling it since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine – their most urgent task now is to help the refugees and support them wherever they can. Through but not only because of the geographical proximity to Western Ukraine, their efforts are directed towards the people in the surrounding area. It's about the bare essentials: distributing food, cooking hot soup, organising places to sleep. A warm blanket is a survival aid for many who have only what they could take and carry in a hurry. Lviv has become an important hub for refugees fleeing Ukraine. Trains and convoys of vehicles arrive here from all over the country to prepare for the final leg to safe Poland.




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