Feeding the poor in times of crisis


The corona pandemic is currently on everyone's lips. As a terrible consequence of closure and social isolation, the fate of many people, especially the poor and elderly, are much harsher and even more unbearable than before.

In Poland, the sisters have been caring for marginalized and forgotten people for many years. Even before the crisis it was important to feed the poor, to be there and to listen to them. Their physical survival, but also their mental and spiritual well-being, depends on it.

In the last months, however, due to the crisis, considerably more people have come to the sisters and ask for support. Many can no longer afford anything, not even a daily meal, because of the standstill in economic and social life. The sisters are there for the people in need. They do not want to leave anyone alone in desperation and need. The sisters try to help everyone and alleviate their grief and worries.

We want to support the sisters in continuing their important and valuable work. For this we need your help.
With 35 euros sisters can support and feed one person for one week
. They can buy necessary medicines, masks, disinfectants, soaps etc. and give a warm meal to the needy people.



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