The Philippines are one of the most populous countries in the world. Many people live in poverty, especially in rural areas. Due to migration to the cities, in the hope of a better life, hardship and need have increased dramatically in recent years. As always, it is mainly children and women who suffer in this situation. About 12 million Filipinos work and live abroad and contribute with their salary to the development of their home country. Despite economic growth, the number of marginalized, poor and needy people is still high.


MANILA UND CEBU • Mobile book reading program

The Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children (SPCC) was founded in the year 2001. Since then, volunteers from the Diocese of Novaliches have been formed, and now empowered to become Child Rights Advocates (CRAs) .SPCC is an organization working for and on behalf of children who are abused and marginalized and offers a special program called the 'Book Reading Program'.




SPCC • Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children

Children need a voice with which they can stand up for their rights and interests. But they also need someone they can listen to and trust. SPCC, therefore, trains "child rights lawyers". There are now more than 3.000 of these volunteers, around 2.000 of whom are themselves, children or adolescents. The child rights lawyers are familiar with all relevant laws relating to child protection. They advise and accompany the children and support them in any form.





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