Help and support for social work with children, teenagers and especially young women
of the local (Christian) community and the families of Youhanabad and its surroundings.


The work which is done by Christians in the region of Lahore is mostly poorly paid. They earn their living as day labourers, street or sanitary cleaners, or are employed as domestic workers by rich Muslim families. One hundred rupees, far less than two dollars, is the average daily wage. Usually, both parents work, but the income is often not enough to cover daily expenses. While the parents work, the older children look after the younger siblings. Only a very few can go to school. Most Christians, as well as a large part of the rest of the population, are poor, they have little or no access to education and receive little support. The Pakistani education system reflects the continuing social inequality in society. Without good education and training, there will be no change or improvement in the lives of the people and especially that of girls and women, so it is important for the sisters to start here.

Because young people and children are often completely neglected and nobody takes care of their well-being, the Sisters want to welcome the children and offer them a home, a place of belonging. The building that the Archdiocese has made available is used to provide these young people with a solid basic education and to give them a place of warmth and community. Here they can learn, free from fear and worry, and gaining new skills and abilities helping to support their families.

In the Centre for Home Economics and Sewing, about 60 girls are made aware of their talents and their practical skills.  Through training, they are enabled to take their future into their own hands. These training courses last an average of 24 months and allow them to choose a self-determined path after graduation.


In the day care centre in Youhanabad, 30 children aged 2-4 years are looked after while their parents work. In these two facilities, a total of 90 Christian but also Muslim children and young people are cared for. The house and the chapel are open for prayers, meetings and pastoral talks.

The centre for education in F-Block is located about 30 minutes from Youhanabad in a slum. The Salvatorian Sisters, together with the priest, have initiated some social and pastoral activities for the children there. The illiteracy rate is very high. Through this centre, 35 girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 13 can be cared for. The sisters and staff prepare the children lovingly and caringly for a “normal” life and try to give them the basics for an education. The sisters offer the children, some of whom are poorly fed, breakfast three times a week.

The target groups are 30 children in Youhanabad, who are cared for and supported in their development in a day-care centre, and 60 girls, who discover their talents, strengthen their self-image and acquire skills in the centre for home economics and sewing.

A further target group are about 35 girls who live in a slum near Youhanabad.

The costs will be around 7.826 euros.


The programmes are to be continued in the coming years and further funding is necessary..


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