Scholarships for half-orphans, orphans and children from needy families
and support for cultural programs


Every year, Mozambique experiences an economic decline because of very high inflation rate, unemployment and a lot of corruption, combined with total neglect of the population. At the start of the year 2019, the situation in the central region where Chimoio is located has worsened because of Cyclone IDAI. This storm has devastated everything.

The school was built 18 years ago in one of the many poor districts of the city and comprises the primary school and the pre-school. The primary school was built with project funds and is owned and managed by the sisters. We have not yet received funds to build an independent space for the pre-school, so far it is functioning in the premises of São Mateus parish.

Our educational mission provides pre-school and primary school education under the Mozambican curriculum, educational needs and social measures.


So far, 1094 students, aged 6 to 14 years, divided into 30 classes, have been registered to attend primary school in the morning or afternoon. In the pre-school there are 207 children between 3 and 5 years old, divided into 8 classes. In total, we care for 1301 children and have 87 staff members who support us in this mission.

The annual school fees are around 170 euro, but not all parents are able to pay this amount. For those who cannot afford the costs, financial support is needed in order to enable the children to attend school. We would also like to continue the cultural project already been supported by donors for two years. This year we will deepen the artistic field to convey and preserve the music, architecture and African tales.

The beneficiaries are 200 children through the direct financial support and also the rest of the 1.300 students because of maintaining the existing programs and activities.

For this project we are looking for permanent partners!


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