Urgent help in time of COVID19


The sisters work in the suburbs of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto with about 2900 inhabitants, but also involve other neighbouring communities in their daily work. The people earn their living mainly through agriculture or casual jobs/work. There are a few small craft enterprises that need workers from time to time. The larger enterprises are mainly located in the big cities like Messina and Siracusa. Many refugees and people with migration background, as well as women and children are dependent on the help and support of the sisters. Due to the Corona crisis and its consequences for the economy and social life, it is hardly possible for them to live a "normal" life.

They all feel great shame. Nobody wants to show his neediness openly and gladly accepts the help of others. The sisters work almost invisibly in the background and support families and individuals with small donations. The support is arranged according to individual needs. Urgently required medicines are paid in advance at the pharmacy, some families receive a meal voucher, others receive food packages directly to their homes. - The people are very different and accordingly the sisters are very careful in this difficult time. At present, more than 30 single, sick and elderly with families are supported with food as well as hygiene products, masks and disinfectants. The cost is around 50 euros for a package of help.


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