Colombia's population unites a variety of ethnic groups and cultures. The diverse heritage of their ancestors has been accompanied for centuries by violent conflicts over land, raw materials and power. Many people  displaced from their land by recent conflicts end up in the growing slums at the gates of the emerging metropolises. Violence, crime, oppression and discrimination are still major problems that Colombia has to contend with. Women and children are especially disadvantaged and suffer from structural poverty.


CALI Training Courses for Women

In the last ten years, the Social Foundation Mary of the Apostles has been developing training projects and formation in favour of the advancement of women in Cali City. This neighbourhood is characterised by a situation of vulnerability, because of displacement by the armed conflict.




Formation of Pastoral Agents

The Province of the Salvatorian Sisters in Colombia, through its 13 communities, carries out the work of evangelization among the people in collaboration with the laity. In the future, the Sisters wish to be able to build on the unconditional support of the laity and to work through the laity in places where a religious community is not present.




Scholarship for ten students

The sisters of the Divine Savior frequently and with own resources support the education of poor students from several places in Colombia. In the country, the quality of education and the high number of early school dropouts are serious issues. Even if access to education should be possible for all and free of charge, the reality is somewhat different. In public and private schools school uniforms are mandatory. Many families cannot afford this.





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