Leadership Training for Youth


This project is situated in the city Feira de Santana in Brazil. It is designed to meet the needs of the youth groups integrated into the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana, which has in total 19 municipalities. A city that has a high migratory flux, many people move there in search of work and education. The city attracts young people, and the majority comes from different backgrounds and realities. Currently, there are more than 625.000 inhabitants

Feira de Santana is one of the most violent places in Bahia and one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil and even in Latin America. Every day many people die on the streets. Most of them are killed. We know that victims are mostly young blacks, poor people and those from the peripheries. With the project, we hope to give the young people an alternative to crime and despair.

The beneficiaries are young people from urban and rural realities, who accepted a holistic formation for a better understanding of what life could be.

The costs are around 1.800 euros per year
for two years.

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