Cisterns for those who are thirsty

In the Community of Várzea do Poço, 253 kms from Salvador, many families cannot afford the financial resource for a rainwater cistern. With the construction of twenty cisterns with the capacity of 8.000 litres, these families are supported.

There is a big need caused by the lack of adequate water facilities and access to clear and healthy water for the poorest.

In recent years   the small rivers are drying up with the water is sometimes salty. This water often causes diseases such as diarrhoea, nausea and kidney problems.

Unfortunately, it rains very little which makes it all the more important that we ensure that the rainwater is collected and stored in adequate cisterns.

The aim of the project is not only to provide water for houses and agriculture but to promote a culture of care, responsibility, memory and proximity, establishing an alliance against all kinds of indifference and hatred.
Inequality is a sad distinctive of Brazilian society. We need to face this reality with attention and compassion as the Good Samaritan who helped the injured beside the road.

Twenty families, including children, elderly and handicap people, are the target group.

The costs amount to 7.100 euros for 20 cisterns.




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