To renew oneself and to empower the youth

Duque Bacelar is a small town in the northeast of Brazil. Maranhão, in which it is located, is one of the poorest states of Brazil. Many children, teenagers and young people have no recreational activities. There is nothing that is offered for them.

The project improves the work already started with children, teenagers and young people and enables them to develop their talents and gifts. The establishment of a library, with books on various interesting topics, could become a place where children and young people want to stay.

The project would give them the opportunity to spend their free time away from the street. With various activities and games, the sisters can involve children and young people and get them excited about the project. They should have the opportunity to help shape 'their space' and change it according to their needs.

The beneficiaries of this project are all children, in the Parish São José , who want to participate in the project.

For the realisation 6.300 euros are needed.



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