Assistance for refugees from Ukraine


The compound of the Sisters of the Divine Savior in Austria is happy to host fourteen people, mainly women and children, who fled Ukraine when the war began.

Since then, some returned but others came. A family returned because they found it very difficult to provide an adequate kindergarten in a totally foreign language for their child who suffers from Down syndrome. Another family moved on to Germany because friends of them found an adequate institution to take care of their autistic child.

We can feel the need, because every time after the room was free, already a few days later another family came to this empty room. Now we enjoy a mother with two children who have already found a kindergarten nearby

Among our Ukrainian “guests” is also a family with a pregnant woman and her fourteen-year-old daughter. This teenager enjoys to learn a new language and found already many friends in her school. This is a result of the German language courses which we can provide for them thanks to donations.

Language is a precondition in order to get a job. Food prices are rising sharply in Europe at the moment because of the war. This is very challenging also for the refugees. It is very hard for them to miss their husbands who is serving in the war and older grandparents who were not able to move to another country. We all hope together with them that peace will come soon.


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