Towards a civilization of solidarity and love.

Inspired by the gospel, encouraged by the faith of our founders and the hopes of people living in poverty, we intend to contribute to a world where each human being can obtain the means to live life with the dignity intended by the Creator.

We offer organizations, companies, groups, parishes or individuals reliable collaboration in order to promote projects in the poorest regions of this earth.

Translating the Salvatorian spirituality into action

Inspired by Catholic social teaching, we promote charity and justice through activities that overcome poverty, injustice and oppression of every kind, thus translating the Salvatorian spirituality into action.

Our Sisters are rooted in the tradition of the countries where they were born. They know the fears, concerns and hopes of the local people. Their option is to have a simple lifestyle in an authentic way and a feeling of solidarity with the people according to the times and the culture.  By living among the people, their reliable presence creates trust.

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5 reasons to support
Salvatorian Sisters
Small congregation with no overhead.
Stable and sustainable network with local partners in church and society.
People trust us, because we are living a simple life next to the poor and we are universally engaged.
We give support wherever our Sisters work according to their competencies
and the needs of the people of today.
We are building bridges of mercy and justice with people throughout the world.


War in Ukraine


Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine –
the sisters support the refugees wherever they can.

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Our projects and programs are supported by our congregational network as well as by an international network of foundations and relief organizations invested in our projects. With generous people, an increasing community of friends, well-disposed people who support us financially.

Very often the project is preceded by awareness-raising and sensitization work. Projects that we consider should always set a good example. Many people should be able to join in.

The projects should be effective at a regional level and not create frictions, but rather, bring reconciliation and peace.

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We are committed to be transparent, to be in dialogue, to collaborate with you, to report and to be accountable.

We offer you information and professional photos for documentation and your own communication.

If you are interested, we bring you in contact to our Sisters in a special project to build up your own partnership.

Even if you are thinking about a will, we can support you.

We are thankful for your support!  



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